Fiesta Basket with a box of three red roses

Spam Luncheon Meat 30% Less Sodium 340 g
Libby's Chicken Vienna Sausage 240 g
Libby's Corned Beef 340 g
Planters Cocktail Peanuts 340 g
Folgers Classic Roast Coffee 226 g
Ragu Meat Flavoured Pasta Sauce 677 g
Dak Chopped Ham 454 g
Martinelli Sparkling Cider 750 ml
Pringels Original 161 g
Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 825 g
Wonderful Copanhagen Butter Cookies 454 g
Lindt Lindor MIlk Chocolate 168 g
Barilla Collezione Fettuccine Toscane 500 g
Marca Pina Edam Cheese 740 g

We reserve the right to substitute flowers that are not in season, likewise we also reserve the right for artistic variation of flower arrangements depicted in the photos.